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Feb 28, 2009
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I thought I'd share my opinion to help those who are thinking about switching from E*.

I was hooked up last Monday with D*. I have been with E* for 4 years straight (9 years off and on). With E* I had a 722 and a 222.

So far the only things that I don't like on the HR24 is once in a blue moon when I hit buttons mainly the list buttons about 30 seconds later it finally displays. Main thing I hate is when you're not in live tv and you bump a button it switches to live without asking and the lack of a live TV button. The guide is a little smaller but I think my eyes adjusted to this.

Over all I think this compares to to the 722. It's nice that you can record 1 show without one of the rooms losing the ability to watch tv, I love the whole home DVR, I also like the tv apps, the score guide, and above all MLB network and 24/7 RSN. Rain fade is compared to E*.

Theres nothing that I hate enough that I regret switching. I don't know if this helps anyone thinking of switching but that's my opinion after a week.

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May 10, 2006
I am considering changing to Direct from Dish. I have a 622 and use the swap button to buffer two shows quite often. Have you used the duel play feature much and how does it compare?
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