Nahuel 1 at 71.8°W

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Feb 22, 2006
90 fortec dish
pansat 2500a
standar lnb
does any body got any channels in nahuel 1, I did 3 scans and I got nothing, on
lyngsat shows some channels there.

any luck anybody????????
Although I have been lucky enough to pick up a few signals in the past with my Invacom LNBF

Keep scanning and you just never know what will pop in!
I can get the signals from Central and South America from time to time here in New Mexico, USA!:)

It's tends to get better signal, when is cooler weather is helping my LNB making the noise floor gets lower, and increase the signal gain at the sametime, and also it's depend on the Central and South American's weather systems impacting on the uplink dishs sites.

Have fun TV DXing this bird!!:D :hungry:
The Nahuel channels you can get are on the Latin America beam; the frequencies are all under 11,700 MHz so you will need a Universal LNBF. I would suggest you fist hit AMC-6 peak out the dish and then scan for Nahuel. I have been able lock on (barely) with as small as a 76 cm dish in the Sacramento, California area on a clear day.
Please reply by conversation.

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