Need Help! Can't find signal for Directv!


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Aug 27, 2022
South Carolina
Hey, I have moved several times in the past year. I have just packed up my Directv dish and receiver and set it back up each time. I haven't had an issue with finding the signal until now. There are a few trees in the distance, but I have moved the dish to about 10 different locations and some I know are far enough away from the dish that they would not be an issue. I have changed the coax cable as well to see if that was the issue. I have one that is 50 ft in length and I got another one that is 150ft in length so I could move it around even more. I am using the exact coordinates the receiver is giving me. I have kept the tilt and elevation the same and moved the azimuth to the left and right from the original setting trying to find a signal. The dish is a slimline 3 LNB and the switch is a SWM LNB 8 CH. The receiver automatically selects that one the SWM is plugged in. All I am getting is 0 on everything for signal strength. I at my neighbors and his dish is set to close to what my receiver is telling me. I adjust mine a few degrees on the tilt to match his, but still got nothing. I don't have any spitters on the line. Just the SWM. What am I missing or what else can I do? Thanks for any help or suggestions!
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First, make sure your mast is plumb, very important. Double check your connections to be sure they are tight. Are you using magnetic north? You should. Look for the signals on 101 first. When sweeping for the signal, move slowly, give the receiver 10 seconds or so to acquire a signal. If you can get a signal on 101, then check 99 and 103.

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