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Jul 18, 2004
Hey guys, We have a 2 receiver setup here. Each reciever is mirrored to upstairs tv's. Basicly you can watch different programming off of ea receiver so one person can be watching one tv station and the other person can be watching another off of there receiver/TV combo. We originally had DTV setup so that not only could you watch the satelite but you could also switch between satelite and basic cable tv on ea TV in the house. We cant get the local channels via satelite due to line of site issue. Anyways we have went with DTV again and the Technician that came here says it can't be done and was able to get basic cable to the tv's direct off the receivers so we could switch between SAT and Basic Cable. However, The mirror'd TV's that are upstairs can only get Basic cable and no SAT. He said something about cable signal to strong and diplexer wasnt splitting signal properly or something like that. We really want the basic cable as well as satelite to be available on all 4 of our TV's using just the 2 Receivers. We had this setup before and I know it is "Doable". What should we do?
Is there anyway I can do it myself ROB? I'm pretty good with running cable, I did mirror the systems without the techs help. I think I understand the diplexer in that it could have 2 inputs for my situation like 1 input Basic Cable then other input from Sat receiver and I'm guessing here but i would think I then run to my TV's from an output off the Diplexer which if I am understanding what a Diplexer is supposed to do is run both the Sat and Basic Cable input signals to a single input on say a TV or into a splitter and branch those signals out to TV's. I don't recall a Diplexer with the original system either
Diplexers are signal COMBINERS, and work in pairs. Your incomming lines are labled SAT and ANT, and on the other side of the diplexer is IN/OUT. You can run your sat and cable feed into the correct labeled side of the diplexer into on cable...make sure your cable is atleast RG6 grade. Behind the receiver(s) you use the other diplexer to seperate (reverse the 2nd diplexer to seperate) the feeds to SAT and ANT (or in your case, cable tv). On the back of your receiver, you have an ANT/Cable input. can split the OUT TO TV lines to run your mirror images. If you have a cable box for Cable TV, just run the ANT side of the diplexer feed to the Cable box, and your OUT TO TV thru your Satellite receiver....then split your OUT TO TV from your satellite receiver to your mirrors. Than will allow you both SAT and CABLE on all 4 TV's. Ofcourse, if you wanted to watch cable tv, you'd need to shut off the satellite receiver to watch cable tv at both the receiver location and the mirror image on that line. Gosh, this is a pain to explain in text, isn't it? Ha! I hope I didn't confuse you....!
You said it SunsetSat!

Here is a basic pic on how Diplexers are run ( this is for 1 receiver ) so you would do the same for another receiver.

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