Need help identifying 10' aluminum dish


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Mar 1, 2006
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Can anyone identify this 10' aluminum Dish? It is offered for sale. Just wondering if it might be worth getting? TIA

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 11.36.38 PM.png
I was hoping someone would recognize the dish and might know if it was worth pursuing. At 10' it's too wide to bring home on top of my pickup truck bed. So I would have to rent a cargo van and carry it diagonally inside. And since I don't know if its true or warped, I would have to go there twice -- once to string test it and then again with a cargo van if its good.

The seller wants $100 and does not have the pole, the mount, or the struts.

At this point, without any more to go on, I think I will let it sit. Maybe eventually someone here will recognize it.
It looks like a Kaultronics SS120. Very deep dish. But those are not aluminum. They are stainless steel . Is that rust I see in the center hole?
Thanks. Looks like rust to me. Since its steel (not aluminum) it must be very heavy. I'll definitely pass on this one.
Looks like an old Andrews microwave dish. Yes they are very heavy. If you can lift it up a bit to see there should be a red lightning bolt on the front top if it's not faded away. If you can fabricate a good heavy mount for it they make a great stationary satellite dish.
Is there a microwave or other large tower nearby? It might have been converted to a cell tower. Not many companies use these anymore and often have riggers remove them so they can add newer "stuff" to their tower structures.
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I don't know if there is a tower nearby (this dish is listed for sale on Craigslist).

The original Craigslist ad expired. I just checked and the new ad includes a picture of the inside of the dish (below). In the center it looks like it has a mount where you would attach a button hook feed arm.

I think this Dish would be too heavy for my current Birdview Dish motor (which is designed for a much lighter 8.5' aluminum dish). The weight of this one might burn up the motor.

Anyway, if someone in Northern California wants a 10' solid dish, just search for 'satellite dish' on

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