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Apr 20, 2010
I have a neusat i pro 2000 and a digiwave lnb (combine monster lc 101) and a digi power
motor sg 2100 and dish. I cant seem to get a signal for 97 west.I have everything hooked up right i think. I am a first timer with fta. any suggestions?
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Dec 26, 2006
What settings do you have in the receiver for the satellite at 97W ? Not sure about that lnb, but it sounds like the standard type, so be sure you have that part right in the lnb settings, and use 10750mhz for your "LO" or local oscillator freq. Any switches? Be sure to have the port# correct for the lnb, or None if there aren't any switches. For a first timer, I would suggest taking the motor off for right now, and try aligning your dish to 97 as a "fixed dish". This will help you get a feel for hitting that first signal. Theres a long long thread here for another member who is in your shoes right now, I will post a link to that. It contains much good information on setup.

Here's that link, suggest reading all of it. Takes patience to get that first satellite humming, but it can be done.

Unsure if your receiver has blind-scan. Check the specs for it. If it doesn't you will need to enter the active transponder frequencies for the satellite before you start looking for a signal. Check "The List" here, top of page is a link to many satellites and frequencies.
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