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Sep 26, 2006
Greenville, SC
I have 4 lines coming into my wiring panel from the dish. I have 4 TV's requiring dual coax and 6 more TV's requiring a single COAX. Directv installed a multiplexer which gave me 8 (i think).....this obviously did not meet my demands, so when they came back out, they added another and connected them with 4 "jumpers"....

1) It looks messy
2) I still dont have all my TV"S hooked up

Is there a larger multiplexer that works with DirecTV? Any suggestions?
You have stacked multiswitches which is a very common way of going to up to twelve connections. I have a similar setup. If you need more than 12 you can get a 16-way multiswitch, or you can drive two 8-way multiswitches using broadband, power-passing splitters. What type of multiswitches do you currently have? Which dish?
Thanks so much.......I am new to all of this. How much should something like that cost (I emailed them but have not heard back)....also, it looks like there is a power cord on the 616 and the ones I currently have (6x8 Zinwells) do not have power cords. Is this to "boost" the signal?
I assume you are emailing the manufacturer? You might want to try calling Value Electronics or Solid Signal and give them the make & model to see what the can get it for and when.
The power on the powered multiswitch is not to boost the signal, it's to generate the voltages that control which transponders are selected. The unpowered multswitches just pass through the voltage generated by the sat receiver. Works OK unless you have long cable runs in which case you need the powered version.
Wow...the one of the places I called quoted $399 and mentioned they should be in "soon".....the other did not have them in yet nor did they have a price. $400 seems like a bunch for a multi-switch....
The 16-way multiswitches are always expensive but I heard that the Zinwell would be about $190.....
It will work fine the way it is now....Where are the switches and why can't you live with the wiring? Stacked multi-switches have worked fine for me for many years. It was cheaper in the old days when doing more than 4 receivers off from a round dish to stack switches.
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