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Jun 24, 2010
Hello guys
I have two satellite dishes a Big Dish and a small dish they have both been down for a couple of months. I ran a new cable but still having issues when I put my tester inline the light comes on and it beeps and slowly goes dead. My motor light stage green which is good but when I go to move the motor it goes Orange what's up is this the box or lnb thanks guys
Could be the power supply in the receiver going.
Could be the motor has an almost short so it is pulling too much current.(I mean like the circuit inside, I know you are not moving dish yet).
Could be one of the LNB's going/gone bad.

Can you give a little more info? What do you mean by small dish and big dish?
You said light on motor. So I assume you have a small ku dish on a USALS motor.

By Big dish do you mean a C-Band? Do these two dishes go through a switch? What kind? Etc??
What receiver? Are you running everything though a dish mover like a vbox or ASC1 to move a C-Band dish?
See what I mean, so many variables. :)
Thanks for your help I have a c band dish and a small ku dish but no switch at this time. I hooked up a different box pansat 250 yesterday and had plenty of power at the c band dish so it looks like the open box is going out. Also I had no luck with sig at dish so I'm thinking the lnb has gone also Maybe lighting.
Hey guys
My open box has definitely bit the dust.all I have is a pansat 250 sm and a cnx both of these boxes is Not hd so is it possible for me to get quality signal on these old boxes with everthing ditial? I'm not getting anything on c-band
I don't know what the "cnx" is but you should be able to receive DVB-S signals with your Pansat if it, and the rest of your system is functional.

Lyngsat, and the other sat signal info sites will show you, on each transponder, on each satellite, if the signal is in DVB-S, DVB-S2, or some other format.

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