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Jun 6, 2008
OK, I am going crazy with this W5 satellite thing. We lost our channels on X4 and learned that they moved to W5, so I did some looking around and decided to program it in by myself. During the process, I lost my other satellites but eventually set them back to where they were.

The problem is programming that W5 satellite. I have a 920 receiver and followed all the directions. The satellite is listed on my programming satellites screen, but every time I hit enter after choosing it, it goes back to the programming satellites page-ahhhhh!

I got some more info. about re-setting my receiver and also the advice about setting my satellite channel to G1 3 or G1 167 and left it sitting for 15 minutes, hoping that it would then allow me to programming W5. No luck there. Same thing, every time I get to my programming satellites page and choose W5 (which has always been on the list), it takes me back to the programming satellites page. I can choose ANY other satellite on that screen and it will take me to the setting page. So, I am going crazy at this point. :eek:

Any help or advice is much apprecitated!


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Nov 17, 2003
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moved to C-band area :)

welcome :wave

check out a couple threads here in the C-Band area. They have some good info on getting the W5 stuff back
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