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Feb 4, 2010
Los Angeles CA
I have a WD TV mini media player, an WD Elements 500MB Ex HD and a Dynex switchbox with RF modulator. I have DirecTv which has one coaxial cable from the DirecTv DVR (mdl R15) to the TV. I need to figure out how to connect the media player and DVR using the switchbox without messing up my DirecTv. It doesn't seem to be a complex task but I want to be sure without ruining any of the components, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
I'm not a genius when it comes to electronics, so correct me if I'm wrong, but if I hook the DVR to the switchbox along with the media player and then hook video out from switchbox to TV video in wouldn't that work??
You didn't give the model number of the switch, which would help us to understand your question. It sounds like a A/B switch and should work for what you want to do.
I have WD TV Live and my HD20 hooked up via a 10/100 switch which then plugs into my router.

I'm able to see all of my HD20 DVRs as well as my external HDs and computer hard drive.
No, it doesnt work. The WD box would need to have the ability to decrypt directv's encryption. Or the directv box would have to decrypt the stream before sending it to the wd tv live or the ps3. I dont think either of those things are going to happen.

Sounds like the guys question isnt about networking, since the basic wd tv box doesnt even have a network connection. It only plays stuff from a USB attached hard drive. He just wants to know how to connect both to his tv set.

Lilsteve, you should be good to go with both the wd tv and directv box hooked to the switch connected to your tv. Does your tv have any other inputs on the back like composite (some round ones with yellow, red and white connectors on them)? If it does, you can hook the wd tv box to that with a composite cable and use your tv remote to change the input from the coaxial cable to the composite connection.
the switchbox is a dynex with RF modulator. the TV has one input and it's for a coaxial cable. I'm just checking to be sure that I'm not going to screw anything up when I make the connections
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