Need to verify the actual C band's on 61W or 58W


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Jan 23, 2005
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Been playing around my C-band LNBF and finaly barely a lock on 2 data signals.

So I need to verify the the signal is s true C-band not Ku band bleedover.

The data signals are on 3.804 GHz H, symbol rate 32.728 MBs and 3.724 GHZ, H, symbol rate 32.728 MBS. :hungry

The signal must be coming from 61W* or 58W* thanks to my 1.1 meter dish's beamwiths is too spread out for space seperation apart between 2 birds.

Any help will be grateful. :hatsoff


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Dec 24, 2016
I suspect it might be Ku on 61W that you are seeing...

3804 C-Band means a L-band IF of 1346
1346, supposing a "standard" Ku LO of 10750, matches 12096 MHZ, and I am seeing a TP at 12092 with an SR of 32726, but it's a Vertical
If you have a universal Ku LNB, then it matches another TP, 11095 V 32724.
Both are data transponders

This said, here in CT I get only marginal reception of Amazonas in C-Band, so it's very possible that there are such TPs in C-Band and that I'm not detecting them

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