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Jan 22, 2009
After doing some reading I came across this page. (I hope I am not breaking any rules - I just want to get a good 4.2.2 receiver that can record.)


Has any one purchased any of the following

DVB-S2 USB2104



I would like to know your thoughts.
To add to Brent's info, any of the cards can record as well, so don't worry about picking one that won't. Its all done in the software application you use. If I were to buy a card now, I think I would look for dvb-s2 capability as number one in importance, any of the dvb-s2 cards are backward compatible with dvb-s signals so no worries there. You need to decide if you want a pci, pci-e or usb model. I've had a pci and usb and don't see any difference.
I've had several cards and every one of them has limitations, and its almost always due to the drivers lacking in some way.:)

Do you think I will be ok with a USB unit. (Does the USB unit crunch the data inside or does it offload it all to the CPU?)

I am also concerned if the USB 2 BUS will have enough bandwidth.
The unit passes the stream to the Computer where the heavy work is done. I was concerned that heat might be a problem when I first got the 2104 given its small size and being in a tight enclosure but its proven to work just fine.
I hear about USB 2.0 bandwidth being inferior to pci or pci-e but I haven't experienced that, the 2104 will play a 50+Mbit feed no problem, nice and smooth, FYI, I"ve locked feeds with SRs of 45000 on qpsk.
I have both cards (in my sig), I use the 2104 more only because of the 2104 driver allows me to use Dvbviewer with diseqc switches and diseqc1.2 which is what I need for my setup, the 2004 driver won't let me do that....but the Dvbworld people are working on it so that may change soon.
If you've watched the driver versions updates on their site you will see they are definatley working to improve their drivers.

A couple of more questions. First where are you able to buy the 2194 at? Secondly what was the price, and lastly what software are using?

I should also ask, does it display and record ATSC?

I bought mine from a guy on Ebay, I haven't seen him there for a while but there are a couple of other people there selling similar looking devices. I think they are the Dvbworld 2104 but not sure, probably want to ask first.
I think I paid $118 canadian delivered, but I see they are more expensive lately.
As for software, I use the card in Dvbviewer as my main setup, but it also works with MyTheatre 4.0 Beta 9(and probably other versions), and Progdvb Pro.
If you don't want to take a chance on Ebay, the S2-3200 is available at Cyberestore and it has good reviews from guys using it here.

About ATSC, its a satellite card only
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