New 622 Feature Coming (1 Viewer)

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Feb 14, 2004
Germantown OH
If you were scheduled or on the list of units to receive L441, you would have already. Watch P Smith's postings for when he sees add'l units targeted for the update. Until then, there's no need to ask how to get it, ask why you didn't get it, and so on. You will, soon.
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Got 441 yesterday

I have an early 622 with a bad hdmi port. I received 441 yesterday when I turned the early news on. I cant wait to return this receiver for a new one with a good hdmi port. My wife wants to save many of the oprah shows so I had to wait smile.


John Kotches

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Supporting Founder
Nov 21, 2003
Troy, IL (STL Area)
It's only spooling out to receivers up to serial number 76<something>. I expect more serial numbers will be added today -- or it's made available to everyone.



1978 Y88 T/A 6.6 4 spd 1978-2020 RIP
Supporting Founder
Sep 9, 2003
NW Oregon
I'm in the R00821 range..I bet I dont get it until Thanksgiving!:eek:

This release seems pretty solid, as previous posters have pointed out you're not really missing anything until Wednesday and everyone should have it by then.



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Dec 17, 2005
Bourbonnais, IL
Should my 622 be sending status updates now that I have it connected to the ethernet port? I have an IP address and successfully ordered a pay per view movie, but the status update still fails for no dial tone.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 20, 2005
Bangor, ME USA
Seems like the Ethernet thing is only for the heartbeat to show you have it connected to a phone or the net.. Maybe in the future they'll let us do Dishhome, PPV, etc. via the net link if all goes well.

I could be wrong and maybe people'll be pleasantly surprised tomorrow, but by the sounds of it it's just to get around the need for a phone line for that monthly discount of having one connected.
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