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Sep 29, 2003
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Comcast downloaded a new software version the other day. Not sure how to extract version number, but the sw version string reads:

Motorola DCH6416
78.44-A28p0-2.0908.r-4 FW: 18.73

The new code added a couple of features. However all the old bugs are still there, and a couple of new ones were introduced.

New features:
The DVR menu now has new search and record options directly available from the DVR menu.

There are now folders to contain multiple episodes of the same show.

Option to change recorded show sort order (name, channel, date). This is funny because the disc fills rapidly if you record HD and doesn't really need folders or sort order.

New feature to adjust for overlapped schedules. This is nice.

It also seems like they have made fixes to improve the audio dropout issue.

New bugs introduced:
after watching a recorded program the menu comes up that asks whether the program should be erased. However, it no longer actually erases the program and it must be done manually.

If you ask for info on a program for the favorites list, the guide goes back to the lowest numbered channel in the favorites list when you exit info. Quite annoying.

Old bugs too numerous to list:
The ones that really bug me are scheduled programs disappearing, favorite lists suddenly adding all channels on half hour transitions, not remembering recurring shows on cable channels as having already been recorded.

Anybody know about this release? Any hints on newer bug fix releases that I might call them about?

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