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  1. Wow. I have no words for how stupid that is. I can't believe DirecTV thinks that is okay.

    I believe both Showtime and HBO air new episodes of their original series on their secondary channels throughout the week and their flagged as New. Under this scenario I'd have many unwanted recording since I record a ton of stuff from Showtime and a few things on HBO. Or what about the West coast feeds? If I set up a new recording for something on HBO, will it then record the same program 3 hours later on HBO West?
  3. What ?
    Your saying he cant set up a show to record on a particular channel ?

    I don't know if I have set up anything since loading the new guide, but you should be able to go in and tell it what channel to record and you should also be able to tell it to record FIRST run as well.

    IF that's the case, if I set up, say , NCIS, it's gonna automatically record on CBS AND USA and record All shows even though I tell it only to record 1st run ? (Which would be b on CBS only.)
  4. He can't. You can't. I can't. It's always all channels. It is truly a mess. There NEEDS to be the option of "this channel" or "all channels". You can still do "first run" so NCIS will record off CBS. I have 2 CBS affiliates, ch 3 and ch 4. It will always record from ch 3 now because it's first. Any series recordings you set up with the old interface will stay on the one-channel you set it up on. Tons of people have been reporting this "feature" on the edgecutter site for weeks and nothing is done about it. I have found the same results when I have played with it.
  5. After downloading the new UI in several different versions, I also finally have logos.
  6. This is why I refuse to install this beta software. They can force it on me when its required. There's nothing wrong with the current system. Sure it could use some tweaks here and there, but overall its still better than the local cable companies old NES style guide they had since 2003.
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  7. I hadn't played with it yet, just heard when you guys were talking about it ....
    The majority of my recordings are set up from previous years, so I haven't experienced it yet ... however I did set up the Good Doctor, (haven't watched any yet) so that should have the same effect you guys are talking about, except it may only be on one channel.
  8. That site some the download instructions for the genie 2 are coming....
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    You refuse to install D*'s beta software because of issues ?
    Thats WHY ITS BETA , no one forces anyone to load beta software.
    I'm 1000% sure that any major issues will be addressed long before its released to the masses.
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  10. Ok guys, like I said, I only added the Good Doctor to my list this year, so far ...
    There have been 3 episodes so far and all three have recorded on the correct channel.
    I do have an alternate channel option (network mind you) and it did not record off of it.
  11. Umm, I know that, I specifically said I refuse to install this software because no one forces it, its beta.

    I haven't downloaded this version ever and I likely won't until DirecTV pushes it themselves en-masse.

    The current system is good enough. If anything a modern design will be welcome, so as long as previous features are not lost, or they are improved upon.

    A modern design language should turn to Microsofts Fluent Design System, which takes some basic principals in UI:
    Light, Motion, Material and Scale
    Fluent Design System

    Asides from a sprucing up of the "look", there's no reason to dumb it down enough whereas something simple like recording a series on one specific channel should be eliminated.
  12. I meant to say that site says instructions for the genie2 are coming which leads me to believe you cannot download for the genie2.
  13. It’s my understanding at this time you must be on the push list. Instructions for manual download would be great!
  14. No logos on mine with the CE software but the on demand works and if I do the CLEARMYBOX 2 I’ll probably have to wait a day or 2 to get on demand back. Were the logos pulled from the last update??
  15. I don't have them this week, but have most weeks previously.
  16. Here's an example of the series recording moving channels:
    I set up "Loudermilk" to record on Audience ch 239 because that is in my favorites list. I used the banner to set it up, but the banner says ch 239. Looking now, its not set to record. Upon some investigation, it is set to record on ch 71 which is also Audience. It took a while to find it in the "to do" list or something like that and I had to switch my guide to "all channels" to see ch 71 and verify it was set to record. Idiotic.

    I have 3 ABC affiliates, all HD, ch 5, 9, and 22. All are Directv-provided (as in not via the AM21, although I do get 22-1 also). After tonight's download, I am going to set up a recording on ch 22 for the Good Doctor and see what happens. I did a search for it and the "all seasons" showed up first. Because of the way it flashes the latest episode info in that blue popup, I can see what's going to happen in two weeks (10-23) first so I know what's going to happen in episode 5 of a series that has only aired 3 episodes. I would post a pic but I don't want to spoil. The default channel is 396 ABCeHD, which is not a good sign.
  17. and how do you get on the push list?
  18. you have to do it on the edgecutter site. I don't know if they're still putting people on the list. There is a section called "I want the HS17 pushes" there....
  19. Go to the site and search for HS17 push, then click on the "The - I Want HS17 Pushes - thread" thread. Send a pm to the author. It's that simple.
  20. I wonder what would happen if you set up a recording on say a H25 and set it to record on the genie on a specific channel if that would work.
  21. I don't know why they even show the channels you DON'T get ... they all do that though, when you use the Search.

    Does the issue happen when you set up the Recording from the Guide only, vs using the Search ?