New On-Screen Voom Logo


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Apr 11, 2004
Near NYC
Not sure if this is brand new but I saw a little animated Voom logo at the bottom of the screen the other night. I think I was watching Rush HD but I can't remember for sure. Anyone else see this?

I'm hoping Voom doesn't take up this annoying idea many channels have started using. I hate on-screen channel ID logos anyway. They're ugly, they're distracting and they can harm CRT-based sets (if you watch that channel a lot). Now that channels are starting to animate them it's just more distracting and annoying. I'd say the Discovery Channel has had the worst.

Let's hope Voom doesn't use too much of this.

The Rickster
I saw it too. It must not have lasted very long because they annoy the Hell out of me as well. I think I saw it on Rush while watching the show on hang gliding and parasailing.

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