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  1. Most of us prefer to keep them on the ground if at all possible. Makes life much simpler for maintenance, and as you get older you like climbing less and less.

    Can you take some pictures of your setup? It would help us to help you.
  2. I am waiting for my wife to lend me her phone and I will post.
    I found another bird I believe its 110W based on the TP I locked on to 12588 L 20000. Would keep trying but it decided to rain, but I should have better luck finding others. Part of my problem was the tilt marks on my dish are off by about 4 degrees
  3. 25% quality seems a bit low, I would have expected something around 40%. Dish Network was using the Superdish for that satellite, and it's only a few inches larger than the Slimline. So maybe your LNBF location is off.

    Also, try aiming 2 inches west of 121W. There's KBS World on 123W at 12078 V 3680. It's quite strong. From 121, you'll have to lower the elevation very slightly (less that one degree).

    Further East, I find that the easiest ones are 103W (NHK/RT, not NBC), 99W with the Russian radio stations (actually technically they are TV stations) and the Jewish channel, and the 95W with CCTV/CGTN is also easy. 97W is not hard but a bit more sensitive to aiming as it's stuck between 2 other strong satellites.
  4. I trimmed back a tree that was not in front of the dish but above with some over hang I thought was out of the way but it wasn't
    much better quality now
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  5. I cut down a apple tree today for the same reason. 101W on my 12 footer just wasn't as strong as the rest of the arc. Stood behind the dish while at 101 and it looked like I was shooting over it. Cut the tree down and signal is up were it should be.
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  6. Thanks for all the help and pointers. The wife is excited about it, in fact she's already go bigger and get c-band. She's been looking at FTA listings, so I guess upgrading lol
  7. I am happy for you manly the wives are not of fan this hobby. If you need c band dishes they are PLENTY around here in my county. Lot more channels on c band than ku. 99w c band has really good channels on it.
  8. A correction to Dan's post, they all have good channels! LOL
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  9. Your right Comptech 99w has some good programming on it that I like the best.