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Oct 11, 2007
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I am in the process of resurrectiong a C-band system. I bought a house with one attached, got a DSR920, off the net, hooked it up, and got it working, sort of. Found out that the old dish was in such poor condition, I could never get a good signal. Rats! But then a neighbor down the street offered me his old dish for the mere cost of a case of refreshing beverage!:)

Well, after much effort, I have had it moved to my yard by a local dealer who so conveniently told me it was well positioned, even though now I find out the where it now sits, my neighbors trees are in the way of G1! I have to get in touch with this guy again and have a few words with him!!!:mad:

Other than that am having a few problems with my 920. But they are probably because of my own ignorance as I am new to the C-band stuff.:(

I have a remote, and somehow seem to have deleted a couple of satellites, and cannot figure out how to get them back. I called NPS for help, They said they could give me a HIT from a few other satellites, but they would only give me a hit if I was a paying customer?!?! That is even though I read on several internet sites that I was supposed to call them to 'activate' my receiver, even if I was not ready to subscribe. Can anyone give me any more insight into this response from NPS or how to get back the satellites that I accidentally deleted?:confused:


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May 18, 2004
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You don't need a "Hit" to get the Satellites back. You might need a "Hit" to acquire programming? All you need to get the "Maps" (which are the Satellites, along with the digital channels), is to get a Strong Digital channel with the "Maps". Most of the Premium Movie Services (if not all of them) have these "Maps". Your best bet would be to get those trees cut down, or get your dish moved over enough to get G1 channel 3. A 922 will get the "Maps" automatically (I think), but the 920 requires a reboot (I think) on one of these channels with the "Maps". Some people have posted getting them from GB (G11) on channel 24. I can't confirm this, but it won't hurt to give it a try, if GB is one you still have. Otherwise look for a Movie Channel with a Strong DC light on, and try it. But, don't do this on F1 or E2, it could mess up the 920's TDT count, something you don't want to do. Good Luck!



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Apr 2, 2007
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I noticed when I first connected my new 922 last month the trip counter increased before I even contacted NPS. Sometime during the first hour after the maps downloaded it started to show hits. Perhaps DC2 does that. I never had my old 905 without a sub so I'm not sure if that's normal. The guide did not work until authorized.

You can program in whatever satellite you choose as long as the maps are relatively current. The channels map more frequently than the satellites themselves. G15 (G1) TP3 is for the guide, however many DC2 channels will allow a hit on various satellites.
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