Newbie to DVBWorld, DVB-S2 - 8PSK HD issues (1 Viewer)

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John Popper

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Dec 11, 2009
Central Mexico
I just received my DVBWorld and have been testing it without problems until I came across the DVB-S2 - 8PSK feeds @ AMC 15 105. For instance, Universal Sports looks perfectly fine, but the NBC and Telemundo HD Feeds are giving me problems, they look kinda choppy and audio and video is not in sync. The HD DVB-S and S-2 channels Ive found on other satellites look fine on my laptop but I'm wondering what might be causing these issues with these AMC15 TPs, could it be that the codecs are not right? are 8psk channels more challenging for video cards? has anyone encountered these problems? before installing codecs (someone recommended ffmpeg) I wanted to know what the satguys think!
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SatelliteGuys TheList
Sep 26, 2005
Los Angeles CA
I have not tried the channels you are referring to (I only have a 1.2 Meter dish).
It could be a codec issue, I am using FFDshow with the DVB World software.
What happens if you record a file and play it back with VLC?


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Jan 7, 2007
The skew for the NBC mux on AMC 15 is 26 degrees off.


Actually its AMC 1 that has the wonky skew. AMC 18, where the OP's question is, has normal skew. AMC 18 is co-located with AMC 15 ku.

John, as to your GUESS is either signal strength (you need more) or codecs. I know my S2 boxes act all nuts if they don't get enough signal on S2 signals.
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