Nintendo Pushing Nintendo TVii Update Thursday (1 Viewer)

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Apr 9, 2010
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A firmware update is going on Thursday December 20th that will include Nintendo TVii. However, it won't have everything promised out of the gate.

Here's what it will have:
Integration with TV, Hulu Plus, and Amazon On Demand programming
Twitter, Facebook, and Miiverse social integration
More Information on Movies from Rotten Tomatoes and live sports scores and stats

Here's what's still coming:
Netflix and Tivo integration
Information from Wikipedia and IMDB (Mentioned at a prior Nintendo event but not in the latest press release)

A Nintendo Direct video in Japan also mentioned that there will be an update to address performance of the Wii U interface at the end of December. It's not confirmed if the update we get tomorrow will also address this, or if another will be pushed. It is badly needed though, just downloading and installing an 84MB game from the eShop took over 20 minutes. Ridiculous. One thing I did notice too was that the TV Remote function is pretty primitive. You can only control a TV and cable/satellite box. If you have a switch or AV receiver in between, you can't program the separate input switching or volume control.
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