No Windows 7 support in 2020.

If you have to spend a lot of time in a Windows VM, you're not fooling anyone.
True, but I find that I haven't used my VM Windows box in so long that Oracle VirtualBox tells me it can't start now. I think I missed a couple of incremental updates there, and now it's probably better to download the latest version and start over again. Or, better yet, delete the whole thing and reclaim 100-200 GB off of my drive of Windows ISOs and VM VDisks.

(To be fair, I do have a Lenovo ThinkPad that we bought our son for college when he said he needed to be able to run Access 2016, but he never did use it since they had VM labs that he was able to access with his MacBook. So I kept it, patch it every month, and wonder how much more of a Hot Mess Windows 10 will turn into with the next Feature Release.)

And Apple does tend to release Security Updates at least once a month, and usually for every platform, so if I need to update my iPhone, I check for updates on my iMac, MacBook, TV, etc., and remind the family to update their devices.


Dumb robocopy problem

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