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Sep 7, 2003
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I just found out there was a bug in our Birthday Modification, many users who were born before 1970 are being shown as your bithday being Jan 1, 1970.

I have applied a fix for this problem. Please check your Birthday by clicking on profile so your birthday is correct, we like to send you stuff on your birthday. :)

Some users are reporting no times being shown in the messages, this again was due to a bug in the birthday. In the profiles section check your date format, it should be as follows

D M d, Y g:i a

If yours just shows a number like 3 or 1, please put the above line in and that will fix your program with times showing. :) Again the bug that caused that should now be fixed. :)

Enjoy the site and tell a friend!
What's up with the robot defeating letter recognition thing? It swears I am a robot each time I try to register. What do you have against robots anyway? :D
use lower case letters (it shows some upper case letters but you must type them in all lower case.)

I am editing this file now to say this. :)

I am also fixing the Date Format problem.
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