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Apr 15, 2006
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Which service is it that has reuplinked channels or do they both? Cause I see some of there channels thru HITS that are clear where some of the NPS channels that are uplinked (WPIX is on of them I know of) are not so clear.

Is the Programming Center channels all on X4 and C4?

Does there movie packages use the same channels as NPS does on G1, C3, G5, G0?
NPS reuplinks some feeds on Galaxy-13 (G9) and they are pizza dish crap quality, and I will never sub to them, channels on X4 are uplinked by HITS, and NPS and SRL resell them, these feeds are a bit better looking than pizza pan, HITS does have some feeds on a few C-band satellites that are sold to us also, I am not sure what channels though, you can look at to find out.

I only sub to the master feeds, they look the best, I get all my movie channels from NPS and have a few analogs a la carte from SRL.

I think both sell the master feeds of the movie channel, SRL also sells the HITS feeds of the movie channels.
Please reply by conversation.

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