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Nov 23, 2004
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Posted this over at satforums the other day, I'm guessing not eveyone is a nerd like me and are probably not a member of both forums, so here it is, oh and if any one has an answer to my receiver question please let me know :)

Stumbled upon this site, pretty cool old school sat gear Museum of vintage satellite receivers. BSB squarial, SCT Chaparral Monterey, Coship blind search.

Was looking around for my very first satellite receiver, I think it was a chaparral which used a separate positioner. any idea's?


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May 27, 2008
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That was the site i was searching for a few weeks ago!!

They have some pretty interesting stuff and also in one section they talk about linear Ku LNBs and how there's certain LNBs designed to work best with semi circular dishes that don't work well with perfect circular dishes.

Back in the day there was a few different models of receivers so it's kind of hard to find info about all of them considering there was no such thing as digital pictures and not everybody took pictures of their receivers :(.

I stumbled upon that site a few months ago when i was doing a search for my very first receiver, a Toky, back in 1983-1984. That site has mostly info about receivers used in Europe, a few of those made it all the way to America with a few modifications (coaxial outputs instead of SCART connector for example).




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May 6, 2005
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Great site, thanks for the memories! I still have many parts from my scrounging back in the late '80s, when I first became interested in setting up a dish. I've got the old LNA separates, a few feedhorns, and some LNBs from that era. My late '80s projects never got off the ground, in fact I've only last month erected my first working C-Band dish. I've had Ku since '05...


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Nov 28, 2009
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I've got some of that old, and used it in the late 1990s, partly for the fun of it, partly because I practically had to

Until the invention of the IRD in the late 80s, it was common to have separate dish positioner, receiver, and decoder boxes, and not uncommon to have a matched positioner/receiver set.
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