CONTEST!! One Day Contest - K1 PLUS Android DVBS2 H.265 4K STB


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Nov 13, 2013
Central Pennsylvania
I want to thank Titanium for getting the K1 Plus out to me at lightning speed! I mean, wow, it was shipped on Thursday from California and I had it here in Pennsylvania by Saturday afternoon! :)

I had a chance to play with it a bit on Sunday and again today. I'm used to a regular STB so it took me a bit of looking around to figure out that I needed to run an app for satellite reception. Once I found that the first thing I did was go to 101W to check out those 4K feeds. NASA is very nice in 4K! :bounce I also got a chance to try the Kodi app. I was able to easily add my password protected network drive and stream my FLAC format music. I have not streamed any video yet. Trying this sample box has me interested in buying the dual-tuner Edision OS Mio Plus 4K when Titanium offers it for sale. It would be great to have a unit that can consolidate satellite, ota (with added usb tuner), streaming, etc in a single customizable linux-based box.

I will continue to play with this and if I can manage to get the new Edision model I will pass this on to a fellow Satellite Guy (or Gal) so they can have some fun too! Thanks again for the contest Titanium and for your continued support of our hobby! :):thumbup

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