Only 2 People In The World Have This TV

I have a 175” Screen with my laser projector in my outdoor theater, with projector( yes it is 4K) and screen, cost was about $2000, rather have that then spending $13,000 on a TCL.

By the way, you can get a TCL QM8, their highest rated TV right now in the US, 98” for $5000
Nighttime use only? No streetlights or outside home lighting?
4200 lumen, super bright, just had the back patio redone with sun blocker screen material, live in a semi-rural area, 2 acres of land, so totally dark, neighbors are way too far away, lights in the front yard do not impact, lights in the back are also off when I am watching, except for the solar lights on the fence, which only comes on if movement, like the dogs, same for the Blink Cameras with lights.

Mostly use it during Fall and Winter, during the Spring/Summer, at night and morning, for example, have it on now while on the Life Cycle, watching the news while I pedal.
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