Ooyala: Growing Frustration Among OTT Viewers (1 Viewer)


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May 28, 2004
Ooyala: Growing Frustration Among OTT Viewers

Imagine that. Even millenials need a grid guide! :biggrin

The grid guide and cloud DVR are the two reasons that I came back to Sling TV. Also the fact that soon... their Roku app will allow locals to be integrated into the guide via their AirTV2 box (two tuner local channel receiver, connected via the network). I had Sling TV for a bit after it launched, but left it for AT&T U-Verse when AT&T offered me a decent deal for a four room setup and a lot of channels, with 50/10 internet. At the time, it made sense. After Spectrum offered me a deal I couldn't refuse for internet service, and with the improvements that Sling TV made, I tested how it worked for a month while keeping AT&T active in case I wanted to switch back. Low and behold, the grid guide and DVR worked great, and it happened to save us $60 a month, too (to do Sling + Netflix + Hulu + Internet). $120 down to $60 a month for what we watch, internet included. A well worth it change.

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