Payment reversal ??? Whats this on DTV (1 Viewer)

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Apr 21, 2009
Do anyone know what is this ??
I got a statement early this month fior regular bill of $62.00 say payment reversal, and today got an email say past due on this amount and double the amount, so it looks like they charge twice for this month. And the due day same as regular due day

Tract back to last 18 months billing, regular statement day is 18 of each month and due day are at 6 or 7 of each month and I always paid before the due day, now this month add the reversal payment and this added up have to pay twice for a regular billing that added up to $125.00. whats the catch here.

Are they allow to do this ?
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Jul 25, 2008
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I can't quite make out everything you're saying or whether you are on auto pay or write a check each month but calling DirecTv customer service and asking them what happened is your best bet here. Simply put, they aren't allowed to charge you twice unless a mistake was made last month that is being fixed this month; just call & ask them. Some people refuse to switch to any form of auto pay just for this reason but I've used it since it came out & have never had an issue.


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Aug 27, 2006
If you are on automatic bill payment, chances are your credit card has expired and you didn't contact them with the new expiration date. While Mastercard and Visa are usually lenient about the expiration date, if you go too long without updating the date they will reject the charge. American Express and Discover are usually very picky about the expiration date.

Of course, not to go to an uncomfortable subject, is it possible that there wasn't enough money in the account to cover the bill?

Those are the two most common situations that would cause this, if you are on autopay.

If not on autopay, your bank may have rejected the payment.
Also if not on autopay, it may be human error: someone typed in the card number incorrectly?

Essentially, DirecTV didn't get paid and now wants last month's bill and this month's bill also. Whether this is your fault, DirecTV's fault or your bank's fault, they apparently didn't get their money.


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Nov 10, 2006
Payment reversals are when checks bounce or creditcard / bank card trans actions are denied after pre auth.


If it was a expiration date problem it would have just been outright declined to begin with.
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