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  1. Just thought you let you guys know if you are a WWII history buff tomorrow they are having a special they found the USS indianapolis. It's on at 10pm EST.
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  3. Tks...I'll record it...!
  4. Thought it was a good special they had on I think they should look for the USS Lexington CV-4 and USS Langley CV-1.
  5. Didn't appear in my PBS channel's schedule at 10 however it will run at 4 AM. No matter what time I record it...
  6. Dan, have you been following Ken Burns' Vietnam?
  7. Yes I missed the last part of it but I have been watching it was really good he does a good job on his documentaires.
  8. I missed a couple episodes in the broadcast also. You can catch the episodes you missed on their streaming app. Very good documentary.
  9. To bad he went political in episode 7, and he decided that only the marines were in Vietnam, and only the portion of Vietnam north of Saigon counted. Other than that it's not too bad.
  10. My dad was in the Merchant Marines in WW II. A few days before the Indianapolis sunk, his ship traveled through the exact same area. :eeek

    ... I missed the PBS show on the Indianapolis. Will have to see it.
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