Perfect Vison has it in for VOOM!!!


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Feb 26, 2004
Perfect Vision Bashes Voom


I was in Barnes and Noble tonight and was looking at some Mags. I was reading the May/June issue of Perfect Vision. Towards the front they had some boxes of info on V*. One knocked there programming saying they didn't have all the programming they had said they would, that V* isn't getting HDNET, or INHD. That box was just very obviously negative. Then they had another box bashing the the reciever stating that info from forums has proven the box to be unreliable. I couldn't believe that they didn't have one positive comment about V*. Nothing like " Although they haven't hit 39 channels yet, they still have more then anyone else. It was just very obvious to me that someone at Perfect Vision doesn't like V*.
Well that might have been an issue before Voom added certain channels, or before they upgraded the receivers w/ the newest software, or before the pq issues were resolved. Last month this forum was going crazy with pq issues. Usually magazine reviews are written a month or two in advance. Last month even Sean Mota was going to leave, and he is one of the biggest supporters here.

vurbano said:
wow perfect vision has better sources than anyone else I guess on the hdnet/ inhd issue

Wilt from VOOM has posted on the Yahoo! site that all of the originally planned/promised HD channels will eventually be available on VOOM. This includes INHD and INHD2.

jnardone said:
Wilt from VOOM has posted on the Yahoo! site that all of the originally planned/promised HD channels will eventually be available on VOOM. This includes INHD and INHD2.


What are INHD and INHD2?
INHD1 & INHD2 are the cable company's version of HDNET. These channels show sports and movies all day long. These channel also use 1080i and has an great PQ.
I see that someone already saw the Perfect Vision stories. I was on the Delta Shuttle last night and picked up PV as one of the free mags they give you. Near the front of the mag with all the breaking news there are three pages of small bytes of news called HDNEWS, all blocked in their own boxes, with various HD stories. Of the 10 or 11 stories, there were 3 seperate stories on VOOM. One on the receiver, one on lack of programming, and another on CSR's taking a pay cut. Come on- with all that's going on in the HD Universe right now, VOOM warrants almost a third of the space of breaking HDNEWS?! There no doubt in my mind that this mag has it in for VOOM! Couldn't all these stories be covered in one news byte? To see three negative headlines with VOOM in the title, representing almost a third of all the stories, is far from fair and balanced.....
I think PV is anything but fair & balanced, the fact that the news is old or changed is a function of time to press. From a voom standpoint, any news is a good sign (even if mixed). To his credit, Mr Harley will write back and does print letters. I had one recently about how PV is a fanboy mag of Denon and give no space to better benefit:cost equipment like Pioneer. He of course didn't agree, but he at least communicated.
Voom made the CSRs take a pay cut? That is a little concerning, in that belt-tightening is never a good sign for a company. For us, I guess it's better than CSRs in Bangalore.
Others may feel differently, but I love The Perfect Vision and have been reading it from its beginning. Its HDTV News section is written by Gary Merson, who is very knowledgeable about HDTV. The problem with the most recent issue (aside from the negative tone) was that the "news" was very old news by the time it appeared in print. At least one piece was apparently written before March 1. Maybe next issue he will describe the joys of having the abundance of high def that VOOM offers.

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