Photo. Satellite Dish Europe-Russia.

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Jan 4, 2013
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[FONT=&amp]Hello. Atheme about installation satellite tv in Europe-Russia. Professional work ofassemblers and fans satellite tv. Other self-made works....[/FONT]
1 Photos. The Ukrainian climbers-kamikazes! - belts starhovki - without the second cord on a wall 9-etazhki... drel.jpg For the time being it... Only it eachem-is unnecessary - on a wall if on a roof of a place suffices and to serve easier, on a roof even more often do not start up, here they have solved on a wall. Suicides... Dear colleagues! Use please the insurance! Nobody wishes a lethal outcome you, and there are no these 100$ your life!17.gif
3 photos. Difference is well visible. And in a helmet the waistcoat light works also... It it works in England-London.

I when work on a roof high I tie here such belt-motazhnika.????.????.jpg
If work at night thd to a head a lantern such.??????.jpg
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Looks like some of those are very difficult installations! It is sometimes tricky to get good line of sight to the satellites in urban areas.

Some of those are really good examples of what NOT to do!

I will share some general work related safety violation photos in the next few posts for your enjoyment. I know that you will like them!

Doggone! I wish I had known that they had a pool. I would have worn my swim trunks underneath and enjoyed the last hour of the day on their expense card.
I'm going to have to start thinking of these situations ahead of time more often. I'm missing out on some great fun here. There's a ton of liquor over there, and
the lady of the house keeps looking at me with a "mad lusty stare" I swear her eyes were bugging out of her head when she saw how manly I was drilling these holes.
She must appreciate men with power tools. I've got what it takes, I guess. I am Mr Excitement! :) Yep, the electricity is running through my veins!

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