Photo. Satellite Dish Europe-Russia.

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-FaT Air I am-is simple I look at your fans Sat tv much Dish stand with one LNB. I would make to one LNB-F - have added 2-3 LNB. Look it is necessary where live also what signal from the companion. American it is favourable to firms to put a little Dish c one LNB.? us in Europe on another. If the distance between companions can be fixed of 3-6 degrees and a little LNB. I on Dish-0,6 m-strengthen 5 LNB.?? Dish-0,9 m-6 LNB. At me on Dish-1,2 m-ctojat-=stand=-8 LNB.And signal - = quality = everywhere the good. It is all in a KU-range. In-with - a range are popular-2-3 the companion-for them Dish it is necessary-1,2-2,4 m.
And LNB I apply what fixture. A photo more low.
And samples of fixture LNB with-KU - and-C - LNB.
103w.jpgIMG_3239.jpgIMG_3241.jpgIMG_3155.jpgIMG_3162.jpgмой 19.2 f-1.2м.jpg1-2m.jpgGM-211.jpgmtiap8xts2e.jpginverto_lnb_single_black_1684.jpgLNB-мал диам.jpgMult_B.jpgкре.мул.Хар.jpgму-3.jpgP1060110+.gifкреп.мул.jpgкреп.мульт.jpgТриах Ñ Ð¥Ð°Ñ€.мульт.jpgмул-3.jpg80-90F-96,5e.jpg90-103е-С-мул.jpg72-90 мул.jpg90е-96.5е-103е-мул.jpg62844407.jpgкреп.jpgмул-36-53--.jpgмул-+-=.jpgмул-креп-=.jpgмулт-36-53.jpgмулт-С-.jpgмуьт инт.jpg-С-мул.jpg
I see they also hype noise figures on the LNBF's there. I don't think .1db NF is possible. Haven't seen a microwave transistor with a NF lower than .3db. Although, it's possible to have 1 in a manufacturing run that measures lower. But what manufacturer can afford to test them all to find them for an inexpensive unit?
I did have 2 LNBF's on the 1.2s for a while, worked well, but once I 'motorized' the 30 inch by mounting it on the BUD, I didn't necessarily need it any longer.

Future plans are actually to 'downsize' the farm by putting a 1.2m on a polar mount. That and a couple of fixed Ku's should do a fine job. Hope to get that done by this fall.
In the meantime, once 103W with it's odd skew gets replaced, I should be able to re-purpose that dish. Probably to an Atlantic satellite. Maybe(someday) on another polar mount to go 22W(elev=1.2) to 58W. Can't get the BUD east of 55.5W without major modification to the mount. Until then, back to how I did it with only one Ku dish, and before the "motorized 30". Mark the pole, with the Az and the elevation on the scale, for each satellite found 'out there'.
Hello. At you is old Dish, it is not necessary to throw out it on dust. We do from it original drawing.????? and other drawing.
And there is some humour in a spring sunny day.
кра-5.jpgкраш-6.jpgкраш-4.jpgкращ-3.jpgкраш-2.jpgКраш-1.jpgк-рыб.jpgкот-во.jpgвело-ÑÑ‚.jpgавар -вело.jpgгаз-=.jpgгаз.jpgнаруш мал.jpgлето.jpgВыращ.огур.jpg
Boris, those are some great, and I mean really GREAT, pictures! Thank you!
2 Borisov-54!
Thanks for gathering and posting so many interesting pictures in this tread. I am also happy you've picked some picks of mine equipment, but only not quiet correctly mentioned my place of origin :rant: I think I've seen you in another forums as well.
I would also like to thank Iceberg for posting posts related to T90. I have got some info from them. Just hope you are not so serious in real life as on your avatar :p
Here such ?????????-46?-53?-55?-57?-/F/-60? has just for fun made at home.
That for this design, took.3 LNB on 23??., 40 and 55??. A pistol with silicone-/for of external works/, I took still an adhesive tape painting and copper ??????.2 a receiver for adjustment. Plastic.????????? LNB for focus, in it rigidity edges lateral nippers to clean.

Has squeezed out silicone on the parties on LNB on perimetre and minutes 5 held LNB that silicone was a little took. And to hold a signal-quality - the maximum
Has taken a copper wire and an adhesive tape-/lipkaja the party from above/.podpravil LNB and 5-10 minutes held that the signal was maximum
In such position of 30 minutes, has allowed to fall asleep to silicone.

Has cleaned an adhesive tape and a wire. Has adjusted the companion 60e-/LnB-40mm./
While has adjusted 60? and silicone has fallen asleep in an hour. Adjustment 53?. Has put silicone on LNB 55? and for 53?. Actions as above at adjustment 55?. To paste silicone-press down-take of 10 minutes
Has allowed pair of hours to fall asleep to silicone. Has adjusted the companion 46?.



And as it is necessary has established a peak. And that these LNB on 23?? very much ???????????? on dampness various, a rain - snow. To business have gone 1,5? and on 2 l of a bottle plastic.


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Good evening all. Still my homemade product with DisegC Switch. The thin part of protection of the switchboard and quickly rusts from humidity-water, snow. And it will be after a while signal loss. And that I did not rust DisegC I smear with Silicone.

On it a photo, new Switsh and after 1-2 years of work on air.
It is my work, to the neighbour has established on 2 floor of the house. The roof stirred, it was necessary to extend with metal corners.


It is a photo not mine. Here it is more than at me. At my place only 7 Dish.


Dish 5 m with heating. Siberia.















Wow thanks for the pics :)
Enjoyed looking at the pics so much, had to go back this morning and look again! :)
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