bigdog said:
I was just wondring what this is about. What are they showing in hd?


Make sure to read these two threads. They have information of what is playing in Playboy-HD:
Playboy Review Thread

VOOM High Definition TV DAILY Listing ALERTS!!

In a nutshell, Playboy-HD has The Weekend Flash, 411 Night Calls, Spice Clips, some movies, Night Calls, and others in HD. It is a combination of three different channels. If you need more information let us know.
I just ordered voom, and got the playboy package.. But I have been reading its only for the month of may ( Which means by the time I get voom installed it will june )

Is this true? There gonna get rid of it?
I dropped PlayboyHD because I'm on the West Coast and all they ever show in Primetime is Spice Clips Live and the Nooner Replay. BORING!!! I can only take so much of the same broads doing what they do day after day. Maybe when the PVR come out, I will resub.

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