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  1. This is my setup. Equipment is dated, but a great place to hang out.
    Infocus SP8602 DLP projector
    ProScreen 120" screen
    Pioneer Elite SC57 AVR
    Oppo BDP103 BluRay Disc player
    DirecTV HR21 Pro DVR
    Roku2 XS Media Streamer
    Pioneer Elite in wall speakers
    Panamax UPS
    Dual JBL 12" subs
    Lutron dimmers
    6 Berkline leather electric recliners
    OnControls remote

    Room is next to our game room, complete with pool table, wet bar, and full size popcorn machine!

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  3. Looks nice, Al. As long as it does the job, I don't worry about dated. It all becomes dated in time, and you can go broke and crazy trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.
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  4. With the new UHD Sony

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    Speaking of dated:

    I have a few rooms with flat screens, OTA, FTA, fancy surround systems etc.., but this is my favorite setup:


    I enjoy Classic TV and the square picture and the more natural, less harsh light from a CRT makes this TV my favorite, more so than all the modern ones I have, it just looks better and is how the Classics were shown originally. Way better looking Black and White picture by far I think is the biggest reason. Also no stretching, squishing or the annoying black side bars while enjoying Classic Television. I do have other TVs for watching modern shows in HD on rare occasions.
    But I'm hooked on the Classics.

    The latest (and probably the last) Sharp 27'' Crisp CRT featuring MTS stereo sound built in.
    It also features a remote control. It has multiple inputs, 3 to be exact. This unit also features a programmable sleep timer and on screen menu system. No Picture-in Picture on this model however.
    As mentioned earlier this set really shines when displaying the classics in Black and White.

    In the rear coax input and on the upper left of the console we have the latest Insignia
    Digital to Analog OTA tuner. Feed by a huge 13 foot long Channel master antenna, providing 23 channels of various local programming and National sub-channels including MeTv, Grit, Escape and Comet among others.

    Now connected to the front auxiliary input we have an Amiko Mini HD SE FTA satellite receiver.
    Capable of receiving 1000s of free over the air satellite channels from all over the world.
    Currently receiving 8 simultaneous satellite positions. No motor lag or anything when tuning over 60 channels, since all 8 Sat lnbs are stationary and fixed. Notice the usb stick, this unit can record 16 hours of programming to a single stick.

    Currently on FTA satellite, MeTV is shown in the picture featuring Quincy investigating a scheme involving the Japanese Yakuza crime syndicate.

    Total monthly fees: $0 , Classic TV: Priceless

    Well Rockford is coming on, I have to go. Feel free to ask any questions about my setup.
  6. Well this is what I ended up with in the new house. Just me most of the time and works for my needs. I downsized on equipment and got rid of a bunch of stuff when I moved 3 months ago.


    65in 4k
    Yamaha 7.1
    Tivo Roamio
    Dish 722
    Slingbox 350
    8TB NAS
    Bose speakers and sub.
    Have my old Klipsch in front room with workout equipment. Will probably take them to Las Vegas
  7. I like that fireplace, reminds me of my other setup in my den. Gas logs?
    Nice size NAS too.
  8. yes, gas.
  9. ImageUploadedBySatelliteGuys1453161791.370652.jpg

    110" 16:9 screen.
    JVC RS500, Roku 4.
    Waiting on Samsung UHD blu ray player
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  10. Nice, those klipsch RS7 speakers?
  11. Yeah, they are RF7II's and the RC64.
  12. I guess you don't need those built-in speaker ears on the Sony X930C. ;) At least some sanity has returned to Sony and the X930/940D won't have those ears. Anyone buying a TV in that price range would most-likely have at least in-wall speakers already installed.
  13. Yeah, they are love it or hate it. I actually like them, it has a premium look to it IMO.
  14. Yamaha Rx-v 673
    KEF T205 5.1
    Samsung 58" plasma
    Samsung Blu-ray
    Xfinity X1
    Fire TV with Kodi

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  15. I have spent 20+ years building my stereo and home theater. I am very close to the end. I few touch ups to the room, still needs trim after painting. I couldn't be more pleased with the final product :)


    Close up of the rack, before painting and curtains.

    Got the new Tube Preamp :)
  16. Very nice!
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  17. When I first hung the screen, the white walls were killing the black levels. I painted the ceiling, "GunMetal grey" and the walls "Timberwolf grey". The ceiling is a special extra flat ceiling paint, the walls, regular flat.

    It made a huge difference :)

    From this:

    To This:
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    This is a few stages earlier(3-4 months ago), but shows the 70" that is behind the projection screen. That was also when I realized the curtains really needed to be ironed... :)

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  19. Note there is a pinned thread in this forum where others have posted their theaters. Lots of good stuff. If you search through, you will also find several nice how to articles, including use of room darkening.
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  20. Got some newer Subs, a pair of SVS CS-Ultras :biggrin. The Velos were(are) great, but these are really something else. Also spent some time reconfiguring the rack and getting things just how I wanted them.

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  21. New shot with my Power Sound Audio monitors and center.

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