Pole size 1.2m channel master polar mount

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May 30, 2005
Raymond, Maine, United States
Does anyone know the pole size recommended? I thought I had the right size, but I guess I don't.

I thought this pole that is 3 inches OD would work but as you can see it will not cinch up.

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turns out the pole I have is 2 7/8" I took it for granted since the guy who have me the pole installs fences and i told him 3 inchs

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Get a piece of pvc pipe for a shim. Split it down one side, and put it around the pipe top. Then put the dish mount over it, and tighten it down. OR, you can get some non-slip thick rubber mat material, and use that wrapped around the pole. Then the dish mount goes over that, and tightens down.
i had the same problem when i installed my 1.8m dish. i try to use fence pipe because it looks nice. well you cant lol. i had to use thick wall 3" OD pipe. i looked around until i found a old prime star setup and had no luck. went to my sisters one day and was in back yard and bam there it was the pipe and mount no dish but i didnt care. i cut the pipe and took her home her as in the pipe and mount not my sister hehehe anyways i had a buddy weld up some brackets i put together and work great. i dont use the dish anymore because its kinda to small for me to use. anyways hope this helps ya out


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