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Jul 8, 2006
I have a "Twinhan VisionDTV Sat VP-1020A PCI" Satellite Card...

It worked about a month ago, then I went away to the cottage and came back, removed it from a desktop machine and placed it in to another.. I went to install the drivers, it found the card and installed the drivers but the problem is that in the Deivce Manager is says that the Device Cannot start.. There are 2 devices listed with the PCI Card:

"Mulitmedia Controller" and "Multimedia Video Controller"

I have tried everything to get this card to work but it just wont for the life of me work, if someone on this forum can give me a hand I would greatly appreciate it..

The computer was completly unplugged when I left for the summer so its not like it got hit with lightning or anything.. I've tried it in other PC's as well but it just does the same thing..

It didnt come with a CD and the drivers section of Twinhan's site has changed and my model isnt listed any more so maybe if someone has the CD for this card.. anything just to get it working!



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Jun 23, 2005
South Florida
Try some different drivers. I would start with this one;


Change ** to tt.


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
Twinhan drivers 'n software

I didn't initially get anywhere with FireFox.
I fired up IE and tried again.

Be sure to select English in the little drop down box (not sure if that's necessary, but it can't hurt).
click: Twinhan
Scroll down to "Other Models" and you'll find 1020 listed.

edit: once I checked English, FireFox worked fine.

You might find that it'll help if you are very anal about de-installing the drivers, turn off the computer, move the card to a new slot, and re-install drivers.
If your computer doesn't need new drivers installed after removing/moving the card, you didn't fully de-install 'em.
I've had some similar troubles installing my 1025 and 102g in the past.
Get a bigger stick! :)

As another option, get MyTheatre, and use (just) the drivers it comes with.
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Jul 8, 2006
Thanks guys, I got the driver working.. I actually managed to find an old CD of the driver before Twinhan updated the site..

I got one more question, the signal keeps fluctuating between like 0, 50, 100, 40, 80, 82, 17, 0, 84 etc etc etc and I will loose the signal every few minutes.. Ive checked the cable dish alignments everything and cant figure out what the problem is!

Signal: 90%
Satellite: 119
It's only on 119 for testing purposes because I know there are 3 channels on there..
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