Problems installing a sonicview 8000hd (1 Viewer)

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Nov 10, 2008
I have a new Sonicview 8000HD satellite ,motorized, and I am having problems intalling.

First problem is that in the dish itself has some numbers that can not be achieved ,

in the left 80 to 25 in that order, and I was trying to set at 37 something but it only can be moved to 32 , due that it hits the back of the motor...
in the motor it has in the left 25 to 75 fo elevation and in the right 15 to 65 for lattitude.

My question is , how o which satellite I choose, since the motor , of course rotate.

Should I begin with AMC 3 , and if doing so what are the numbers( elev., etc)
to use, and what settings, like ports, lnb etc. on the menu..

Thanks, and forgive me If I sound like a beginer, but that is exactly what I am....l
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 14, 2008
Morgan Hill, CA
My zip is 34741, winegard 31" dish..

Make sure the mast pole is plumb from all directions. That is the most critical initial setting.

From looking at satcalculator and The List's calculator (link at the top of this forum) the motor latitude side (NOT elevation side) should be set to 28.3 and the dish elevation should be set to 26.93.

With a linear LNBF you will need to use 83°W as your true south.
Magnetic Azimuth: 188.3°
Elevation: 56.93 (dish is set to this - 30°)
Skew: 0° (since the motor skews the dish for you)

You need to tell the receiver to move the motor over to 83°W then find it by adjusting. You should end up with the motor pointing due south and the dish pointed over a tiny bit to pickup 83.

Your dish has an offset of 24° so if you want to confirm the elevation is set correctly, the back mount plate should be at about 33° with an angle finder. Depending on how you have the angle finder set it might be 90-33 (57°) on the gauge.
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