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Dec 21, 2003
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Anyone still looking to get your hands on a Wii or a PS3? How about an Elmo TMX, a Zune, Wiimotes and Nunchuks? Try this inventory tracking website.

I've been looking for a PS3, but didn't want to get those large bundles many places have been offering. I've been burned by the Amazon/ and recent Kmart PS3 console only online orders (both cancelled because their ordering systems didn't work correctly).

I ran across this website that magically tracks the inventory levels of HOT items such as the Wii and PS3. This morning, an alert went up saying the CompUSA around the corner from my work had the PS3 60GB in stock. I go there to find out they did receive 3 PS3 60GB, but they were for preorders. Two were accepted, but they were awaiting the response from the third person. At lunch, the CompUSA manager called to tell me the third person did not need the PS3 any longer, so I finally got my hands on a PS3! :D

As for the website, you can sign up for free, but they do charge for email notifications. If you keep monitoring the website, you won't need the notificaiton. Once you sign up for free, you can see the stores that are checked by the website and if your search item is in stock or not.

Another tip for you seems that many Targets are receiving shipments of PS3's to sell first thing on Tuesday's. I've seen many people comment on this from another forum. My local Target received two PS3's this morning and sold them both after 1 hour of opening.

Good luck to you all!
Christmas comes early for The Big Wood! Congradulations!
Yeah, our local Target received the PS3's for sale yesterday and the iTrackr never said it was available. From another forum, people estimated that the tracker has about a 75% accuracy, which is far better than driving around to stores looking for consoles. The stores around here have been putting notices on their phone systems to not ask about PS3's or Wii's because they have no updates. I never got a favorable response from any store I called in my area.

I noticed on the iTrackr that most of the Gamestop/EB around here now have the Wii's in stock. I wonder if this is a nationwide delivery for GS/EB?
I was a one of the local Walmart's yesterday picking up a nunchuk controller, I saw 2 20-gig PS3's sitting available in the case. No nunchuks available, so I went across the street to Target who had about 10 Elmo TMX's available, no nunchuks though.
Only when I don't want a must have, are they available.
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I noticed on the iTrackr that most of the Gamestop/EB around here now have the Wii's in stock. I wonder if this is a nationwide delivery for GS/EB?
All the Gamestops were getting Wii's and Wii accesories today. The manager at one I looked at yesterday for a nunchuk, told me as such and to come back today.
The $1.99 is only for email notification. Using the website is totally free unless you opt for the notifications. You will have to sign up for getting individual store info, and then click a link on a confirmation email they send to you.

Once signed in, you can look up the Game Consoles in the HOT Items section, click on the line that says something like "2 out of 18 stores..." for a listing of individual stores for that particular item.

Hope it works for you.

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