Question about having just Internet and Home Phone through TWC?


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Aug 13, 2010
Hi, I have DirecTV for my TV provider, and TWC for Phone and Internet, but I've been having slow connection with my internet, I have what I think if a Modem/Router all in one, but it connects through a coaxial cable, does TWC have a box that connects without a coaxial cable?

I've noticed that my father has two boxes, one for home phone, and then that connects to the Linksys router.

Thanks for any answers.
If you have one modem for phone and internet, that means you are paying a lease fee for the modem. If you have two separate modems, either means the customer has purchased their own modem for data to avoid the lease fee and continues to use a separate one for voice or for whatever reason two modems were initially installed.

By coaxial cable do you mean the cable that connects from the modem and goes either through the wall or floor, possibly meets up with a splitter or amp in the garage or basement and then makes it's way outside to a utility pole where it connects to a tap and then with feeder is connected to a node which eventually is connected with your regional headend? How do you expect to connect without a coax cable?

By the way you describe it, what your dad has is a modem provisioned only for data, a second modem that is only provisioned for phone and a Linksys wireless router connected to the modem that is data only to provide in home wifi. It sounds like you have a all in one combo unit that does both phone and data, and has the ability to act as a wireless router

For your slow connection, what speeds are you paying for, and what do you get when you go to When you go here, what are your signal levels?
I checked my dad's out, he has a coax cable to his too, but he has a Linksys router, I know this for fact because I set it up for him.

I honestly have no clue how routers work, I'm tech savy to a certain extent, I understand computers, and how to fix them, but networking, and routers are foreign to me.

What numbers am I supposed to be looking at on that site.

I am on the highest they offer, which in my area, is 50 mbps. And it varies, sometimes I get speedtest of 50+ mbps, and then as low as 15 mbps download speed.

Would switching out the modem/router all in one help speed? I've had this modem/router for like 4 or 5 years now.
If your cable gateway is 4 to 5 years old, then it probably only bonds 4 downstream channels. Most if not all of TWCs systems in NY State should be doing 8 channel boding, and 16 channel bonding downstate in NYC since they have Maxx. So if you're connected to a congested node, a new modem that bonds 8 channels (or to future proof 16 channels) may help.

For the signal levels on the modem GUI there are three power levels to keep an eye on. Downstream Power, Downstream SNR and Upstream Power. If these levels are out of wack, you may completely lose bonding on one or multiple channels.

Downstream Power: The closer to 0 the better. -15 to +15 is within spec. TWC likes to keep it inbetween -12 to +12
Downstream SNR: 33 or higher is recommended. The higher the better. Under 30 will certainly cause issues
Upstream Power: 37 to 53 should provide a stable connection. Techs try to aim for 42 to 44

All, four, eight or sixteen downstream channels, and all four upstream channels should be pretty close in their respective levels across the board. There could be interference, water in the line, a bad connection, knicked conductor or something else causing problems with a particular frequency resulting in a complete loss of a channel and impacting your performance.


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Yeah I've has this current one for like 4 or 5 years, they're sending out a new one this week, I hope it solves the isues, because in the last 30 minutes I've lost the internet like 5 times had to reboot the box, which consists of unpluggins the cord and plugging back in, no reset button at all.

I wonder if it could be the coaxial cable that's the problem?

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