Question dual PVR FTA RECEIVER ?

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Jan 5, 2006
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I'm expecting a STB with dual PVR.

Do I need to have a dual LNB in order for this to work or does the STB allow 2 channels from the same bird.

Because I liked LIKVID's (Forum Member) Mutant 400s, I purchased 1 NEW with a 160 GB Hard Drive for $280, as soon as I'm setup I'll let you know about this STB with Linux operating system.

Yes, I'm excited.
My Mom was sold on it, as soon as I told her you can pause program and rewind, great for potty breaks and all other mishaps, yeah she never heard of TIVO and she loves her FTA.

Don't know much about Images, but if it updates STB in a positive way and makes the OSD look cool I'm all for it.
short answer? no
better answer? yes if you want both polarities


Most dual tuner units have a loop out so you can run one line to tuner 1 and use the loop out to tuner 2
pros-one cable
cons-2nd tuner can only get same polarity as main unit

I posted that in my Pansat 6000 review.

There are 4 ways of hooking up dishes. I tried each one and will give the pros & cons of each one

-one cable coming in to tuner 1 and using the loop out to go to tuner 2
pro-one cable coming in
con-if you are recording something, the second tuner is limited to the same polarity

-two cables coming in from same dish (dual LNB)
pro-can record two channels on different polarities
con-two cables have to be run from the dish to the machine

-two fixed dishes with each cable going to a tuner. As an example, G10 on tuner 1 and T5 on tuner 2 (could have one motorized and one fixed in this setup too)
pro-can record two different satellites at same time
con-if recording on a satellite, you cant change that tuner. If you are recording on G10, you can’t move off that.

-one motorized dish and one fixed dish (or two fixed dishes with dual LNB’s). Both outputs go to 2x1 switches and each output goes to each tuner.
-pro-you have a multitude of combinations for recording. You could record two programs on same satellite or one of each satellite
con-lots of cabling and switches....oh, wait there isn’t a con

I used a dual LNB so I could pick either polarity on either tuner :)
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