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Jul 21, 2008
Omaha, NE
I just switched from using TiVo with Cable for over 5 yrs to DTV. Got the HR-34 installed and love it, however...

Is there anyway to turn on a notation that shows if a show is New or not? (on the TiVo it showed a little box next to the show that said New. The box was just like DTV's HD notation box.)


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May 18, 2004
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so if you are shown the orig air date and it not the current date why is adding "NEW" that big of a deal? I mean it should be easy to add but where is the value in that add?


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May 29, 2006
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I can see a benefit, granted I don't need it. Why can you just scroll thru the guide and simple see a new tag on them, why should you have to click on the program and then look at the air date. It's an xtra step.

I questioned awhile back why Dish never had a hd tag in the guide like directv, and got the same reaction this person is getting.

If Directv is able to annoy me with banner ads in the guide, a no less than 4 second banner popup, removal of my DVR controls while the guide is up, and tv mail, what's wrong with a "new" tag!

I like reviewing zap2it weekly and seeing what's new an what series I want to add, I wish companies would consider better guide services. I'm not impressed with what is used now, especially since shows like Lost Girl/Merlin have to be added weekly by me because the original air date is used to determine if it's new or not. Ridiculous in this day and age.

Original air date on that particular channel would make more sense, so "record new" would actually work.
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