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Feb 24, 2004
Hello all,

I have a quick question. I have dish network right now. I am also trying to install directv dish on my house. I only have one RG-6 pair going inside of my house. My question is that "IS there any way I can both both dishnetwork and directv running on one pair of cable?" I am using diplexer to split signal from OTA and dishnetwork. The tech who showed up, says NO...It has to be one or the other. There has to be a way.



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Jan 26, 2004
One pair of cables? Does that mean you have two cables entering your house?
No you can not split the cable. Each receiver has a DC voltage going from the receiver to the LNB on the dish. Only one can control the dish. You could get a A/B switch and run one at a time though.

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