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Apr 26, 2006
40 miles NW of Omaha. Omaha?
This is truly a wonderful site and I love all the things we do in playing with satellites and motors, LNBFs, switches and receivers. But, sometimes I have to step back and enjoy what life has provided to me.

One of the most inspirational things in my own life is music. I like good music, music with quality and meaning. Most often, to me, this means ballads.

I just wished to share one with you. This man was a great inspiration for so many aspects in my life. He was a good man regardless of any faults that he may have had. We all have frailties. I met him in person, in the most oddest of circumstances, leaving the men's bathroom in an aviation repair hangar! :)

It was a moment when a person doesn't expect to see someone famous and not the most classy setting. I was caught off my gaurd and could only muster a "Hello John".

I honestly didn't even realize it at first, but he was so familiar to me at the time that I had walked quite a distance away before it really struck me and I had to look back over my shoulder and watch him walk away as I thought to myself... Dang! That was John Denver! I said Hello John to John Denver and he said Hi to me like we had both known eachother all along. You know, the way you say hello to your co-worker when you meet him in the hardware store... "Hey Joe" / ""Hey Bob"! You understand the point.

Now, he passed away in an AC accident in 97 and that was about the time that Princess Di passed away, too. People made a really big deal about Princess Di, but the passing of John Denver was, in my opinion, overlooked. He was such a hero to me that I thought his life's work should have been more important.

I admit, I had tears.

I heard one of his songs tonight on the Bluegrass channel on 97.0'W and not only did it bring that tear back to my eye, but it made me smile because I knew that his personality and his charisma and zest for life was still alive in his songs and within my heart!

John Denver, I miss you. Salute!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl7aM3nCqC0]YouTube - Calypso[/ame]

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 16, 2008
SouthWest Ohio
Ac, Yep I remember seeing him in concert in the 70's here in Cincinnati. Probably have 4 or 5 albums of him in the garage somewhere too. Blind
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