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May 3, 2004
Evansville, IN
I got it for the Xbox. I absolutely suck at golf in real life, and it translates into this game very nicely. It is a true "simulation", by every meaning of the word. The one thing that I dislike about it is the mini club that they include in the bundle. It has absolutely no weight to it at all. But being I have a low ceiling in my house, I'm stuck with using it (instead of a real club). I'm just blown away by how accurate it reflects your swing, though. Even just the smallest turn of your wrists is shown. For anyone who's just learning how to swing (like myself), it gives you 3 different difficulty levels for your clubs. I've had it for a couple of days and have yet to try playing on an actual course. All I've tried is the driving range and the approach practice range. It's not the prettiest of games, in terms of graphics or sound, but it's definitely a good trainer.

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