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Jun 10, 2010
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Hi. I have a problem I've not seen before. Maybe someone else has.

I installed a new 2 receiver system (both 1100c's) at a friend's house an hour away. All worked fine until the other day when one of the receivers refused to respond to commands from the remotes. I confirmed that the receiver would respond to front manual channel/audio commands but not from either remote.

I switched receivers and both of their remotes work fine with the other receiver.

I took the non responding receiver home and hooked it up here. It responds fine to 3 remotes I have here.

There is probably something I am not seeing here.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Bill


I was browsing additional threads here and found one about this subject.. The suggestion is to reboot the receiver with the power switch.

The unit was unplugged while riding home with me... I think that was enough time to have it rebooted. I didn't try that at their house.

I'll return it the next time I'm there and see. If it happens again, I'll suggest they turn off with the switch and reboot.

Thanks again, Bill
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Sep 11, 2005
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Yep - that is almost always the fix for 1100, 100 and 200 GeoSat receivers.

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