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Mar 15, 2014
Hello Everybody,

I'm new to this website and this hobbies. I would like to buy a system to view the channels from Galaxy 19. I have few questions would like to ask you.

1. What receiver and dish size are you recommended. The receiver I prefer is supporting HDMI.
2. Do you recommend to get the motor mount for a dish so it can get signal from multiple transponders?
3. I located in San Antonio Texas. What free channels can I get from this system?

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Dec 2, 2006
Pearisburg, Virginia
Welcome to the Forum and the Hobby!!
1. Lots of members here will recommend this system for a start:
2. You do not need a motor to view the channels on Galaxy 19, the dish can remain stationary and it will get all the transponders on G-19. You will need the motor to rotate the dish when you want to go to a satellite different from G-19.
3. To see the free channels on G-19, click on "TheList" near the top of this web-page, and find G-19 in the Ku listing. Other sources of free channel information include

Good Luck!


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Mar 18, 2014
Astoria, Queens NY
Hello Satellite Guys! My question is similar to alanhuro's, so I figured it makes most sense to post here ... I'm ready to dive in to the world of FTA but it's like going back to school at an advanced age ... I feel a little over my head. I've done my homework and was ready to settle on equipment but I've read different things when it comes to the channels I can receive. I want to do everything by the book, obviously, and don't want to walk into trouble.

I'm looking to receive Teleamazuras -- a channel beamed out of Ecuador. I live in Queens, NY; I've scoured the lists here and it doesn't look as though I can pick up the channel without some sort of subscription, according to lyngsat (see "packages"):

Is this the case? If so, it isn't necessarily a deal-breaker; there are still plenty of channels to keep me more than busy, and I'm taking this up as a hobby, nothing serious. Still, I don't want to set myself for disappointment or start planning soccer viewing parties without knowing what I can and cannot do first!

Anyway, hope I explained this properly and keep up the solid work, love the site!


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Mar 11, 2013
Near Toronto
The scrambled channels you will not be able to receive. Also it appears that those sats beam to S. America so you wno't be able to receive them anyways.

If you like Spanish programming with lots of soccer and baseball with movies and current programs check out Hispasat at 30W. It has a strong signal in this part of N. America.

In the column titled, Beam, make sure it is noted as America. The America channels begin at TP 11884.


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Aug 9, 2004
Welcome technotoro!!!

Nope you will not get the channel you mentioned. However, like you said there are tons more up there to experiment with. :)
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Jun 4, 2004
Montfort, Wisconsin
Are you possibly referring to TeleAmazonas (TA) from northern Brazil??
It is occasionally in the clear...but you need to look at C-band I-805 at 55.5 West.
When it's working, you should be able to use a 7.5 or 8 foot antenna and have good results.
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