Linkbox Recording with 9000I Local

Then ask away! I've been using an ooooold laptop drive in an enclosure (no external power). Seems to work fine for OTA and FTA, SD and HD. Each recording gets its own folder containing, 000.ts, and The .ts files play fine in VLC, though I usually have to turn on deinterlacing.
Well, OK. I ask for a user of this unit because of thoughts they may have a better idea since they have one. With my X Squared Premium when I stop watching a recording at any point and come back some time later, it states if I want to resume at where I left off. Well, the Linkbox 9000I local does not. If you stop the playback and come back at a different time you can only fast forward to where you stopped the playback. A real drag. I was hoping a user had an answer for this problem.
Huh... I'd never really used the x2 as a dvr, so I didn't know about that feature. After poking around in the Linkbox I don't see any way to do so (hdd button, pvri button, or Menu>Apps>Record Manager). I suppose try shooting Linkbox a message and see if it's possible?
Good idea to check with Linkbox. I may get a shock and get an answer.
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I found some time today and checked out all the buttons on the remote and ended up with something that will work. Not as good as having the receiver set a place to restart at, but this does work. Lets say you are one hour into a two hour movie. Just pause and check the timeline and remember or write it down. When you start that movie again hit pause. When you press the right arrow the timeline jumps about 6 minutes. When you get close to where you left off, press OK. Time jumps to that point. Much faster than fast forwarding it. Not a good as an auto marker, but it works. Sort of.....

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