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Apr 22, 2004
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Ok I have a quick question. I didn't get an Owners Manual with my Voom, And I know this Red Button Under The Flip is supposed to be 480 / 1080 or thats what the installer told me......but how do I know what mode its in? I guess the question is how do I know that I'm receiving 1080 on my tv? My tv itself doest have a light or any type of indicator that displays that.

As described in the FAQ:

The button will cycle through the various output modes and the orange lights will indicate what mode you are on.
Press the red button:
All four orange lights on = Box is in native mode, output will follow input mode.
Top orange light on = box is in 1080i mode.
Second orange light on = box is in 720p mode.
Third orange light on = box is in 480p mode
Fourth orange light on = box is in 480i mode.

The 1080i and 720p modes affect DVI and component outputs only. Composite and SVideo outputs are always in 480i mode.

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