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Jan 12, 2009
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The paint on my 8' mesh BUD has worn off down to bare metal. The dish used to be black.

I live in an area with frequent high winds and an arid environment. The sun beats down on the dish without mercy most of the year. (No, I do not live in AZ. Utah is close enough to me! lol. :D)

What suggestions would you have for the type (spray or brushed on, or ?), metallic or non-metallic paint, and brand of paint???

What has worked best for you when it came time to repaint?

Primer first then....

Thanks for your suggestion(s).:)
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Jun 4, 2004
Montfort, Wisconsin
Clean the antenna with some deck wash and water first...then if there are any questions about treating the metal....
Aluminum mesh can be etched with a light spraying of white household vinegar, with a spray bottle. Let dry for about 30 minutes---then paint your antenna.
Spray can is most expensive way to do things; gloss black looks prettier than flat black; it is a point of argument whether there is any significant difference in reflectivity of heat between the two types. Since this is mesh, I would suggest it does not really matter.

While spray paint is costly, if you don't have a paint gun (electric or compressor driven), it may still be cost-effective. Painting with a gun requires close attention to the type of thinner (such as Xylene) to get the proper consistency to mix with enamel paint without jamming the spray nozzle. Easy for those with painting experience of this type, but perhaps a big learning curve for the novice.
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