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Supporting Founder
Aug 26, 2004
Mustang, OK
I bought a Ring alarm system to replace my Iris home security system that's being discontinued by Lowes at the end of the month. I like the Ring hardware, but it's missing some features that I liked in Iris. I was able to use the Iris app to schedule a daily time to arm and disarm the system. With Ring, I can't create a repeating schedule in the app. You'd think that would be a basic function, wouldn't you?

I tried to get the Ring alarm skill in Alexa to do it for me, but that's not working either. I can tell Alexa to arm or disarm Ring, but I can't get it to understand a routine with Ring.

I'm hoping that since Ring is new in the security alarm world that this will be corrected soon. I give the Ring alarm system a 4 out of 5 rating for ease of use and hardware quality. That would go to a 5 if the app software had a few more configuration tools.
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